Joining a Yacht Club: Requirements and Average Age of Members

If you’re thinking of joining a yacht club, then you may be wondering about the various requirements that are necessary for membership. In addition, you may be interested in finding out about the demographics of the average member of these clubs. In light of this, this article will outline the average age of members of yacht clubs as well as the various requirements that are necessary to join, and what perks you can expect.

Generally, most yacht clubs are quite exclusive. Furthermore, the notion that requiring to own a yacht, or even have yachting experience to join these clubs is wrong. In fact, there are many members who do not have experience yachting. For the most part in America, these clubs should be seen as a social club for people to meet new people and enjoy fun times. Gaining membership of a yacht club may be very easy or very difficult depending on the club.

Some of the most prestigious and famous yacht clubs in the country will require a very extensive process to gain membership. Generally, this will involve getting recommendations from various members of the club and then going through an initiation period which can take years. Most of the time, a recommendation of some sort is critical to gaining membership. Hence, the best way to gain membership is to become friends and gain the trust of those that are already members.

The average age of club members will once again differ from club to club. However, in general, the average age is middle age. As mentioned, getting membership usually requires a recommendation. Thus, getting a recommendation usually means having enough time to form longstanding bonds with prominent figures of the community. It’s for this reason that many can expect the average member to be of middle age and older for most of the clubs around the country. In Miami however, there are many younger adults joining yacht clubs around the city because it is a haven for young people with money; partying, drinking and eating are well-known activities that many of us participate in when looking for a fun time out in the city. Yacht charters in Miami are huge with the younger crowd, so those who have enough money to join a yacht club will jump on the opportunity whenever it comes to them.

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