Decorate your yacht’s  interior with glamorous and luxurious pieces  from  Kate Spade

Make your yacht life pleasant and cozy and opt for Ellery Table Lamp from Kate Spade. Lit your living space with this stunning lamp in cream linen shade and  soft brass finish. Great construction lamp will helps achieve a sense of comfort and warmth. This will let your guests know they are in for an enjoyable  cruising experience.

Another great option is  a lovely pavilion dot cylinder table lamp from Kate Spade. A lamp full of personality and color to brighten up on those cheer me up days at sea. The perfect lamp to place in your bedroom or on top of a table.

Keep it simple and go for lighting in cool shapes like a larabee dot single sconce from Kate Spade. Great piece in a fir frame and polished nickel. Looks great placed on your living room or bedroom.

Or go full glam and adorn your ceiling with a dickinson large pendant from Kate Spade. Pendant has clear glass and cream pearls. This pendant makes  your yacht’s interior brighten up every time you turn the lights on.

Make your ceiling prettier with a luminous keaton large floral hanging shade from Kate Spade. Gild flower on center of cream linen frame will adorn your living room perfectly.

Don’t forget about your bathroom. Keep it  well lit and opt for keaton 36” floral vanity light from Kate Spade. Gold flowers line up on mirror for a great piece to hang on wall.

Place your beautiful table lamp on an ellery side table from Kate Spade. This side table is full of personality with a  pretty bow below the glass and brass frame.

Say goodbye to blank walls and get three swans framed photograph from Kate Spade. Enjoy a peaceful moment and  appreciate the beauty of this photo on matte paper.

Feel like great aboard your yacht and opt for caldwell king bed from Kate Spade. Pearl fabric with an onyx finish will elevate your bedroom style. This will add  a welcoming and calm feel to your second home.

Share a good anecdote about your new drake tufted sofa from Kate Spade. Can’t go wrong with this beautiful piece in a red color to add your yachts living room area.

Add contrast and excitement to your drake tufted sofa with 32″ x 32″ double stripe pillow from Kate Spade. Keep the color strong with one side having subtle thinner stripes and the other thicker and stronger looking ones.

Play the mix and match game and get a drake slipper chair from Kate Spade. A very feminine chair to read your favorite Yachting and Sea Magazine.

Make sure your look is on point and get an ellery mirror from Kate Spade. Reassure yourself of how well you coordinated your outfit and be ready for numerous compliments on your good taste on your yacht decor from Kate Spade.

Live the luxe life on the inside and outside of your yacht and add Kate Spade home decor and lighting.