How to Attract Fish with Green LED Fishing Lights

Fishing at night is an exciting and rewarding experience, with the right equipment. Unlike fishing during the day, anglers use special equipment to locate and attract sea creatures. Light during nighttime fishing serves two very important purposes. Boat lights provide general illumination around the vessel, ensuring proper use of equipment and guided visibility on the boat. Green LED fishing lights are used to attract and entice fish in the water.

Green LEDs and Fishing

Green light is used to stimulate zooplankton in the water, as the creatures are naturally drawn to the light due to reproduction. Other light colors, such as white, also have similar effects. However, green is capable of penetrating the water better, ensuring maximum reach of the light beam. Blue light is applicable to fishing in saltwater, as the light color is ineffective in attracting zooplankton lurking around in fresh water locations.

Anglers deploy green lights using floating pods that rest on top of the water. The light beam is pointed downwards and individuals simply keep track of the unit with a string tied to the boat or a pole.

For areas prone to insect gatherings, floating lights are not recommended. Instead, submersible boat led lights should be used. This also improves the reach of the light beam in murky lakes and bodies of water. Submersible green LED fishing lights should only be submerged roughly three to five feet in the water.

Tracking Lines and Fishing Equipment

To improve fishing techniques and catches, anglers may utilize black lights. With several rods casted, it may be difficult to monitor every single line. Black lights may help detect slight movements and bites from the boat, without distracting fish and the water.

Equipment with fluorescent tips, such as fishing rods and lines, or other reactive color signatures glow when exposed to black light. Because of this, slight movements are extremely visible.