Illuminating Confined Spaces in Shipyards with LED Lights

Confined spaces exist in a myriad of dangerous industries. Shipyards, mining sites, construction and tank storage facilities are examples of operations wherein confined spaces are abundant. OSHA and other safety regulators have set forth several regulations to promote safety in and around confined spaces. This article outlines how LED lights can boost illumination in confined spaces and explosive environments.

Example of Dangers in Confined Spaces  

In IMCA Safety Flash 32/17, the notice highlighted an incident involving painters and a large tank. One of the workers became trapped inside the tank, when the other painter closed the manhole cover, assuming no one was inside. This led to the worker being stuck in the confined space. After 15 minutes, another individual passed by and heard noise coming from the tank and set the painter free.

Although a buddy system was implemented, it was not enough to prevent the issue. Furthermore, investigation into the matter revealed the individuals did not hold a valid work permit for the task. As a result, control measures were compromised.

LED Lights for Confined Spaces and Shipyards

LED lights can help increase safety in confined spaces. Taking the scenario above, using an explosion proof manhole LED light may have indicated that work was being conducted in the space, preventing the individual from closing the entry/exit point.

Portable LED light towers that cast intense light over the site can also be setup, to improve productivity inside the tank. Any worker passing by will be able to see traces of the light from the LED light tower, indicating activity inside the confined space.

Additionally, explosion proof cameras could be setup inside the tank to monitor the presence of workers in real-time. Explosion proof, wireless gas monitoring devices may also be deployed to check for the accumulation of combustible materials in the area.