Types of LED Mounting Solutions in Offshore Oil Rigs

Offshore oil rigs lack conventional and sturdy mounting options, due to the remote setting and type of tasks carried out in the hazardous location. For lights, many oil rig operators look to portable and seamless LED mounting solutions for proper illumination.

These days, there are several types of portable mounts available for offshore oil rigs, which can be setup without tools or extra hardware.

Ladder and Magnetic Mounts

On remote oil rigs, portable mounts consist of components that can easily be setup and removed at various sections of the work site. An ideal solution makes use of existing structures in the surrounding area. With this in mind, a scaffold or ladder mounting component for LED lamps is recommended for such facilities. This type of mount can be utilized at almost all parts of the rig, from confined spaces (inside tanks) to makeshift walkways and entry or exit points.

Magnetic mounting options also perform well in remote offshore sites. Without any additional tools, operators can easily secure battery-powered LEDs, strobe lamps and other types of compact LED lamps on compatible surfaces. As there are numerous tasks around oil rigs that require gloves, magnetic mounts ensure workers keep their hands protected at all times by forgoing the need for tools during setup.

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LED Drop Lights and Hook Mounts

Like ladder mounts, LED lights with hooks are reliable forms of illumination on oil rigs. LED drop lights traditionally incorporate hooks at the light head, which facilitates mounting at various places in the facility. Furthermore, the units are less bulky than ladder or scaffold mounts. This feature is ideal for lighting up tight spaces around the site, as well as for illumination during inspections.

Lastly, hook mounts may be applied to chain or suspension-mounting requirements around the remote site. This type of mount provides temporary, overhead lighting in areas without flat surfaces.